MitoAction and Care3 Announce Global Innovation Partnership Focused on Mitochondrial Disease

(Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA) – June 12, 2018 – MitoAction (, a leading patient advocacy organization within the mitochondrial disease community and Care3™ (, the world’s first team collaboration platform for healthcare delivered in the home and community, announce a global innovation partnership focused on advancing the knowledge of and care delivery for mitochondrial disease. This partnership aims to provide a unique platform to help families manage the complexities of day-to-day care, as well as facilitate enhanced communication with their personal and clinical care teams. The partnership goals include capturing critical information to help researchers and clinicians learn more about this rare disease to aid in the development of therapies, and ultimately a cure for mitochondrial disease.

“The platform that has resulted from this partnership will not only help families to manage their daily journey with mitochondrial disease, but will also improve communication with their care team and allow clinicians and researchers to gain a better understanding of the disease.” said Kira Mann, CEO of MitoAction. “We believe this platform is the first step in transforming the management and delivery of care, not only for those affected by mitochondrial disease, but the entire rare disease community. We are incredibly proud of our new partnership with Care3 and believe this type of collaborative innovation allows us to push the envelope on what is possible in utilizing technology with rare disease care. “

Care3 currently serves the senior care community through partnerships with Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) for collaboration on care in the home and at PACE centers.

“In addition to senior care, Care3 can shine a light on the challenges faced by patients and families affected by mitochondrial disease and the correlations that exist between diagnosis, symptoms, treatment plan execution and quality of life,” adds David S. Williams, Co-Founder & CEO of Care3. “It’s our mission to bring healthcare equality to everyone and mitochondrial disease hasn’t received the innovation attention it deserves.”

MitoAction and Care3 plan to launch the joint platform in Summer of 2018 as the first phase in the multi-phase partnership. For more information, visit and



About MitoAction

MitoAction is a Boston based nonprofit whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children, adults, and families living with mitochondrial disease through support, education, outreach, advocacy, and clinical research initiatives. Since its founding in 2005, MitoAction has served families from across the U.S. and the globe, working tirelessly to offer comprehensive, up-to-date, expert resources, information, and support at no cost to any patient, family, clinician, educator, or member of the community. Learn more at

About Care3™

Care3™ is the world’s first team collaboration platform for healthcare delivered in the home and community. The HIPAA compliant Care3 platform helps collaborative care programs (e.g. PACE) operate more effectively by driving visibility and accountability for care delivered outside of health facilities. This unprecedented insight enables care teams to intervene to prevent costly outcomes such as emergency visits and hospitalizations. Learn more at

Care3 CEO David Williams Featured on The Credentialed Podcast

The Credentialed, a podcast series focusing on emerging companies led by women and people of color, released their latest edition featuring a wide-ranging interview with Care3 CEO David Williams.

After listening to the first 30 seconds, David tweeted this:

David sees similar barriers in receiving adequate healthcare when part of an underserved group (the poor, people of color, women, and seniors) and the struggle faced by entrepreneurs of color raising venture capital because he has lived both situations. The focus of the discussion is why serving the underserved matters in today’s healthcare system and how Care3 is built to uniquely deliver better outcomes at lower cost. David also discusses how his background directly led to the founding of Care3 and how the company is built to achieve its mission of global healthcare equality.

Check it out at the link below or here.


Senior Care in the Home: How Care3 Brings Families and Care Professionals Together

Welcome back to our eldercare email series. In this installment we talk about one of the major issues facing senior care practitioners today, the lack of insight into what’s happening at the patient’s home. When seniors are in the doctor office or a senior care day center, providers know exactly what’s happening. But when they leave, it’s a mystery what happens in the home. Wouldn’t it be great if seniors, family and providers could collaborate and communicate what happens in those times when seniors are outside of health facilities?

Here’s what we’re hearing from providers.

“We have no idea what happens when the patient leaves the senior center.” Senior Care Program RN


“Half of our seniors don’t even come into the center. We need them to come in.” Senior Care Clinical Supervisor

Today senior care providers try to show families what should happen at home by sending paper instructions home with the senior and family caregiver. For example, some senior care programs send home a paper calendar, which shows what care tasks should be completed when seniors are home. Paper-based solutions depend on visual availability in the home, as well as the memory of the senior or the family caregiver in the time of need. Further, these solutions offer no feedback for the professional care team, there’s no way to know if care tasks are being done.

At Care3, we see the lack of insight into care being delivered in the home as a clinical and financial risk to senior care programs nationwide. We believe it is just as important to capture and use information on care delivered in the home as much as it is for the care delivered in senior care centers. Care3 tracks all of the care that’s delivered in the home by engaging family members around an individual care plan, which we call an Action Plan. Each action is itemized for the caregiver to complete in the home and then is tracked to ensure that those care tasks are completed. If those care tasks are not completed, Care3 notifies the professional care team so that they can make a decision whether to intervene. This is what makes Care3 different from every other care planning and communication solution available to senior care programs and families today.