Success In Caregiving

Successful caregiving requires 3 steps that we call The Care3 Way: Have A Team, Make A Plan, Communicate For Action. Care3 makes it easy for you to follow this PROVEN model to achieve success for your aging parent.

Why Care3?

Care3 helps you and your family succeed in caregiving for your aging parent. Whether success is full recovery, high quality of life with a chronic condition, or simply comfort in their remaining days, Care3 goes beyond just medication management and to create unique holistic care plan and promote real-time communications between family and health professionals.

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The Care3 Way

Have A Team

”Sharing tasks has made things a little easier.”
    -Care3 Primary Caregiver

Having a team to help you care for your loved one is the #1 driver of success. Care3 makes it easy to invite family, friends, and even professional care providers to your Care Team to share care tasks. You don’t have to go it alone.

Make A Plan

”Care3 is great for coordinating care.”
    -Care3 Primary Caregiver

Care3 gets you started fast with our Starter Care Plan. You know that caregiving is so much more than managing medications. Starter Care Plan helps you consider your loved one’s lifestyle so they re-engage with living faster and adhere to their medication regimen. The faster your loved one can get back into a routine of living, the better they will feel and recover.

Communicate For Action

”What a great idea to use messaging for caregiving. So simple!”
    -Care3 Family Member

You create the Starter Care Plan, your family uses the secure mobile app to communicate, track, and notify when Actions are complete. That’s communicating for action. Download the FREE Care3 messaging app in the App Store or Google Play.

New! Care3 Plus.

”Care3 Plus pays for itself and saves me more money each month.”
    -Care3 Primary Caregiver

Caregiving can be expensive. You’re probably spending between $500 and $1,000 a month just on caregiving expenses. If you have a more complicated care situation like managing multiple conditions and many medications, Care3 Plus helps you create a more comprehensive care plan and get the MOST out of the money you spend for your loved one. Save Time. Save Money.

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