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Families Trust Care3

Care3 is a secure text messaging app that uses industry-grade security to keep your healthcare conversations private and confidential. We protect healthcare information including medications and emergency list items also, right on the app.

Why is Care3 Different?

Action Messaging

Caregiving is about getting things done. Caring means sacrificing your own pursuits for the health benefit of someone you love. To be successful, you need help. You need family and friends to take on some of the responsibility–but they also have to know what to do! They have to know what ACTIONS to take. Care3 has invented Action Messages to make this as easy as sending a text.

No other messaging app has Action Messaging. We invented this to help families share care activities to keep stress low while helping loved ones get as healthy as possible and live at their highest level.

Your Starter Care Plan

Successful caregiving depends on having the goals set and the tasks laid in a routine that you and your family can follow every single day. The Care3 Starter Care Plan offers a set of the most common care tasks that family caregivers face when caring for a loved one. This helps to integrate the tasks into a new caregiving routine.

Care3 also includes a secure calendar and task reminders to make sharing and coordinating care tasks between your family, friends, and healthcare professionals as easy as sending a text.It’s easy, and you automatically have access to it when you build your Care Team. It’s that simple!


What Can You Do With Care3?

Care Conversations
  • Invite a family member, friend, and/or health professional to Care3 just by starting a Care Team
  • Have secure individual and group messaging conversations with family and healthcare professionals about the health of patients without fear of privacy breaches
  • Create your Care Team of family, friends, and healthcare professionals to share care tasks within your messaging conversation


Care Sharing
  • Create a Starter Care Plan from a pre-set list of the most common tasks to get organized and ready for sharing with my Care Team
  • Share any care task with others directly in your secure messaging conversation
  • Record doctor’s instructions and share the audio with family and other staff in real time in the messaging conversation – with all information kept confidential and secure


Care Actions
  • View your action to-do list of tasks to be completed in a calendar view
  • Notify everyone an action is done in one tap
  • Add and store all medications, insurance information, and emergency items for patients


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Does your healthcare application meet these criteria? Take care of your loved ones with the simple, secure, and HIPAA-compliant communication on Care3. It’s FREE to download now.

Families Trust Care3.

When a loved one gets sick, family comes together. Care3 makes it easy to get everyone together, keep them up-to-date, and let them know how to help. Care3 is the only FREE secure messaging + calendar + task reminders app made for caregivers. In less than 7 minutes, you will have your family in a group Care Team conversation with tasks they can complete using our Starter Care Plan. It’s quick and easy to get started. And Care3 uses industry-grade security to keep personal health information private and confidential. Join thousands of families caring for their loved ones with Care3!



Care Teams

Invite trusted family and friends to a Care Team to help you care for your loved one.



Starter Care Plan

Get organized fast by listing your care activities using our Starter Care Plan.