Get Care3 – The Best Caregiving App when Caring for Loved Ones

Care3 is the world’s first care-sharing mobile app. Care3 is a free secure messaging and calendaring app built just for family caregivers and community-based health professionals (e.g. home health and home care). Care3 is simple, intuitive, and easy to use for sharing care tasks among family members and care teams. We built Care3 because nowadays you can’t trust your most important conversations about the health of loved ones to SMS text, email, or non-secure messaging apps.

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7 Features for Caregiversscreen_shot_2015-10-26_at_10.04.21_am

  • Care Role. Are you the Primary Caregiver, a close Family/Friend, or even the Loved One receiving care? Select your role so everyone knows how you help.
  • Care Teams. Invite the family and friends who will help care for your loved one. They want to help and are the key people you will message with on Care3.
  • Action Messages. Enter care tasks that need to be completed from your Care Plan (e.g. discharge plan or treatment plan from doctor) so the Care Team knows which tasks they can complete for you.
  • Privacy & Security. Industry-grade privacy and security protocols keep everything safe. Select who can view any content. Have an Action Message you only want a few people on the Care Team to see? Simply remove the others from the Action Message viewer list.
  • Emergency & Medication Lists. Be ready for any situation by adding your loved one’s Medications and items needed in an Emergency. This personal health information also is protected by our privacy and security protocols.
  • Audio Recording. Record doctor’s instructions from within the app and share with your Care Team in near real-time. The Care Team can listen instantly and know how to best support the care plan.
  • Action Calendar. Keep all of the Actions you volunteer to complete in one place, organized, and with reminders using the Care3 calendar.

Get peace of mind from the support your family and friends give you with the clear, secure, and private communication on Care3. Your loved ones deserve the best. Get Care3 now!

Download the Care3 Messaging App