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Welcome to the Care3 TripleTeam Podcast!

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People have told the team at Care3 time after time that we should share our stories, those of our community, and our interactions with thought leaders more. How can we say no to that? Introducing the Care3 TripleTeam Podcast (#TripleTeam).

TripleTeam Episode 0: Welcome to the Care3 TripleTeam Podcast!

Why did we title our podcast “TripleTeam”? Because this is the team that is most optimal to drive the best health outcomes: patients, family, and professionals. With that TripleTeam, we can achieve all of our health outcomes goals for everyone. That’s right. Everyone.

Our corporate mission is to help reduce disparities in health outcomes, quality, and access among underserved populations including people of color, the disabled, the poor and rural residents. Technology can help achieve these goals and Care3 is determined to be a massive driver of change in this area.

Thanks for listening¬†to the TripleTeam Podcast. Find us on iTunes and subscribe! And make sure you have your own “triple team” in place to care for yourself and loved ones.

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