Care Team Collaboration

Care3 PRO is the world’s first team collaboration platform for healthcare in the home and community. Get your patient, family, and interdisciplinary care team to collaborate on care—and it’s as easy as sending a text message.

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Why Choose Care3 PRO?

Because together, we’re better. Our C3 model – Community Care Collaboration – supports care programs that require high levels of collaboration between interdisciplinary care providers, patients, and family caregivers. Our goal is your goal: to keep patients independent, living comfortably in their homes.

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The Care3 PRO Platform

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

Point-of-care communications require security and interactivity. The Care3 app combines text, media, and action messaging with a full calendar to track care task completion and promote open communication among collaborative care program stakeholders. Download the FREE Care3 app in the App Store or Google Play store.

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One Care Plan

Get your patient, family, and care providers all on the same page. Create one care plan for everyone with Care3 PRO’s web-based care planning module. The Care Coordinator creates the task lists for all providers surrounding the patient and includes family members on the care team for full visibility and accountability.

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Notifications & Alerts

Now you can know if a patient is at risk of a negative outcome BEFORE it happens. Care3 PRO alerts care managers if the care plan is not being followed enabling interventions prior to negative outcomes. Care3 uses Action Messages to confirm care task completion with full visibility for the care team and alerts team members if tasks are not completed. Data is generated by each completed care task providing real-time insight and information for predictive analytics.

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