Family Engagement in Care.

Family members drive care outside of the PACE center so they are critical in keeping participants out of the hospital. Care3 powers your PACE program collaboration between interdisciplinary teams and family caregivers around one single plan that extends beyond the center and into the participant’s home. Our goal is your goal: to keep participants living comfortably in their homes and out of the hospital.

How Care3 Works for PACE

Turn Care Plans into Action

Get your patient, family, and care providers all on the same page. Create one plan for everyone with the Care3 web-based planning module. But these aren’t the same old care plans. Care3 turns traditional care plans into Action Plans, bringing accountability to home and community-based care.

Action Messaging

Group messaging helps the IDT and family communicate about care. The Care3 mobile app combines HIPAA-compliant secure messaging with care task tracking through our patent-pending Action Messages bringing groundbreaking interactivity to PACE. Bring care plans to life as dynamic conversations with the Care3 app to extend care beyond the center.

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Action Alerts & Reporting

Now you can know if a patient is at risk of a negative outcome BEFORE it happens. Care3 Action Messages track care task completion. Action Alerts notify the IDT if tasks are not completed, thus enabling interventions prior to negative outcomes. Data is generated by each completed care task providing real-time insight and information for performance reports, audits and predictive analytics.

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”Care3 helps us engage family members with the IDT to track care delivered inside and outside of the center.” --PACE Center Manager

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