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Care3 is inspired by the personal experiences of the founding team and the realization that the most vulnerable members of our society including seniors, people of color, and the disabled do not have equal access to healthcare and receive woefully inadequate quality of care in their homes and communities. Care3 is built to fix these unacceptable and unnecessary inequities.

care3logoCommunity Care Collaboration

Our cloud-based platform enables a Community Care Collaboration (C3) model to improve coordination of care and services. The C3 model surrounds the patient with a Care Team of not only family, but also professional care providers including care managers, in-home care providers, and other professionals who may or may not be employed by the same provider group.

C3 Model

The Care Team shares the care instructions to be delivered in the home and community through the Care3 care-sharing mobile app allowing for full visibility and accountability of tasks completed. Access to products and services needed to best adhere to the care plan are provided through the platform to patients, families and providers, enabling everyone to care at the highest level.

Care3 for Healthcare Professionals

Care3 extends your relationship with the patient by securely sharing plain-language and person-centered care instructions (post discharge, outpatient, visit, etc.) with your patient’s network of personal and professional caregivers. You create the Care Instructions. We digitize them for you to manage and optimize on Care Planner, our HIPAA-compliant cloud-based care plan entry platform.


Care3 Care Planner


Care PlannerSM

With Care Planner, you create a custom set of care instructions for your professional care team to implement with the help of family caregivers. Best of all, you have control over the care steps, visibility into their completion, guaranteed engagement with the patient and family caregivers, and no integration is required. Care Planner utilizes a simple 8-step process to digitize, sequence, and distribute care instructions to family caregivers, patients and their care teams.

A care plan is a sequenced collection of Actions over time. These actions are the individual care tasks that you and your healthcare professional colleagues decide will deliver the best outcomes. Care Planner groups individual Actions for ease of use as home medical activities, medications, rehab/exercises, ADLs, and scheduling appointments. Individual actions include rides, errands, refilling prescriptions, shopping, housekeeping, and more.


Healthcare Professionals will create sequenced care plans on Care Planner our care plan entry module to be delivered to family caregivers as Actions on the messaging platform.

You create the plan, and the Actions are delivered via the Care3 messaging app for patients and family caregivers in underserved populations and their healthcare professionals to implement. It’s that easy.


Care3 helps take your innovative methods from Care Plan to Action.


Care Sharing

Care Planner works in conjunction with our care sharing app.  Caregivers (and their patients if participating on the app) receive their care instructions as individual Action Messages.  Care Teams can view and respond to Action Messages as part of their communication.



Care instructions are delivered as Action Messages into the Care3 App.


Action Messages can be confirmed after they’ve been completed, providing a confirmation data point.

Closer Relationship at Scale

Care3 scales high touch care management programs by delivering digitized care instructions to  the family caregivers caring for your patients while collecting unprecedented data about the quality of care received in the home and community.

Care3 uses the most common form of communication, messaging, to distribute the care instructions to the patient and their caregivers, reducing adoption barriers to a new mobile application.


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