The Care3 Mission

Care3 is inspired by the personal experiences of the founding team and the realization that the most vulnerable members of our society including seniors, people of color, and the disabled do not have equal access to healthcare and receive woefully inadequate quality of care in their homes and communities. Care3 is built to fix these unacceptable and unnecessary inequities.

The Care3 Way: Proven Success in Caregiving

Care3 is based on 3 Simple Steps To Successful Caregiving. The 3 Simple Steps To Successful Caregiving are:

Step 1: Have A Team
Think about the people who you trust to help you care for your loved one. Create an email and phone number list of all who want to be kept updated.

Step 2: Make A Plan
Include current medications, any medical devices needing maintenance, exercises, doctors appointments, and any activities of daily living.

Step 3: Communicate For Action
Make it easy for people to know what’s going on and how they can help with care tasks. Don’t just send emails or texts. Push for an action to happen.

Care3 harnesses the power of mobile and social technologies to help you get the help you need and the organizational prowess to deliver the best care for your loved one—and stay sane in the process!

Care3 For Families

Care3 helps you get into the 3 Steps process groove with a simple step-by-step process you can follow.

Care plans to be delivered to Care Team on the mobile app.

Care3 Care Plan Entry confirmation.

You will add family members to your care team, build a care plan, and ready it for distribution to the mobile app where family members can see how to help. Care3 groups individual tasks as Home Medical Activities, Medications, Rehab/Exercises, ADLs, and Appointments. Individual actions include rides, errands, refilling prescriptions, shopping, housekeeping, and more.

It’s that easy!

Care Sharing

Care3 has a fully-integrated mobile app (iOS and Android). Family care team members receive their care instructions as individual Action Messages. Care Teams can view and respond to Action Messages as part of their care conversation.

Care instructions are delivered as Action Messages into the Care3 App.

Tap the “done” button to confirm the Action is completed.

Sign Up for Care3 Now!

Care3 turns your family into an effective Care Team by organizing tasks into a single holistic care plan for your loved one. Sign up for Care3 to help your loved one receive the best care possible and stay out of the hospital.

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