Community Care Collaboration


Why Choose Care3?

Care3 is about team collaboration in the community. Care3 gets your interdisciplinary care team, patients, and family to operate from the same care plan, increasing visibility, reducing redundancy, and driving accountability for care task completion and outcomes.


Where You’ve Seen Us


SoCalBio selected Care3 to present at the 18th Annual SoCalBio Investment Conference.

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AARP and United Healthcare joint venture The Longevity Network recognized Care3 CEO David Williams as Entrepreneur of the Week in July 2016.

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AARP selected Care3 from 200+ companies to present at its Innovation LivePitch Event.

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Community Care Collaboration

Get Care3 Care Planner for $29.99 /mo for a limited time.


Care Manager

Coordinate Care Teams using one central Care Plan.



Client/Family Member

Communicate securely with your Care Team.



Point-of-Care Health Professional

Manage daily care tasks & communicate with family & care team.


Enable Care Collaboration with Care3


Digitized Care Instructions

Get your patient, family, and care providers all on the same page. Create one care plan for everyone with Care3’s web-based care planning module. You create the care tasks and build the care team around your patient in eight simple steps. Everyone is accountable. Everyone wins.


Free HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

Care3 delivers tasks from the care plan through its fully integrated mobile app. The Care3 app combines text, media, and action messaging with a full calendar to track care task completion and promote open communication between the care team of patients, families and health professionals. Download the FREE Care3 messaging app in the App Store (iPhone and iPad).



Point-of-Care Visibility

No more guessing about what care is delivered in the home and community. Care3 uses Action Messages to confirm care task completion with full visibility for the care team. Data is generated by each completed care task providing unprecedented insight into care delivered outside of facilities.