Caring For and About Others

You’ve said it more times than you can count in your life, “I don’t care.” Far fewer times have you said the opposite “I do care.” Immediately the idea of caring becomes rare—special—reserved for the few. But what is caring? What does it mean to declare that you care for or about someone or something?

In a negative lens twist, it’s easier to define what it means not to care. If you don’t care about something, you don’t spend any time thinking about it. You don’t do anything extra to make sure something happens or doesn’t. You don’t worry about consequences of action or inaction. You don’t stand up to or stick up for anything when you don’t care. You don’t advocate. You don’t take risks. You don’t sacrifice anything. You don’t—wait, that’s it….

Sacrifice. That’s what caring is. To care for or about someone or something means you’re willing to sacrifice something for an outcome. You put someone or something else ahead of your needs.

Caring For…

To care for someone means direct action. I am providing care for a loved one by performing actions that directly benefit his or her health and well-being. Actions might include helping with activities of daily living like grooming or bathing or light housekeeping. These actions require someone to perform them because the loved one can’t peform them for him or herself. To care for someone is to provide care for them.

Caring About…

Caring about someone is braoder than caring for someone. If I care about someone, I am planning what needs to be done to maximize the impact of the care actions that will be performed. Their well-being matters to the point where simply providing care day-to-day may not be enough.

Whether you care for or about others (many of us do both), then Care3 is for you. The world isn’t as cynical as we think. Caring is a human trait. Those of us who consciously care for and about others can lead by example and attract others to actively care. Caring is a paragon of human behavior. We want that to spread and Care3 is a way to include others in caring.