Care3 Strengthens Managed LTSS

Care3 engages care managers, beneficiaries, & families together as a team around a central care plan to keep people in their homes and out of the hospital.

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Care Engagement with Care3

Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Costs

Help Care Managers engage your members, their family, and community care providers as a team around a single care plan. Sharing care drives treatment adherence which reduces costly hospitalizations and emergency visits. Everyone is accountable. Everyone wins.

Engage Members, Family, and Providers in their Communities

Members, families and point-of-care providers depend on mobile devices for communications. Your care instructions should follow them wherever they are. The HIPAA-compliant Care3 mobile app uses text messaging, calendar, and real-time notifications to deliver, share, and track care tasks.

Support Greater Benefit Alignment

Improve beneficiary experience through increased alignment of the actual delivery of Medicare and Medicaid programs. Care3 provides full visibility for all tasks completed and NOT completed by the care team with real-time alerts and actionable reports, giving you the chance to intervene before an emergency happens.

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Simple, Flexible & Affordable



Family and community caregivers can reduce hospitalizations and shorten lengths of stay. Help them help you with Care3.



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