Care3 App Guide

Care3™ is the world’s first Care Sharing platform for patients, families, and their care teams to coordinate care and assist with activities of daily living.

Getting Started

It’s easy to join Care3.  Download the mobile app via the Apple App store or Google Play store.  When fully downloaded, you will enter into our simple sign-up process.

Download Care3 Messaging App and create an account.

Sign-up for Care3

You’ll also confirm your new account using your mobile number

Sign-up for Care3

The Conversation screen serves as your home page.

Sign-up for Care3

Video Guide

Want a video guide? We have it. In less than six minutes, we walk you through how to use Care3 like a BOSS to get the most out of the app as quickly as possible.


Care Teams

Care3 provides you the tools to create or join a care team to be fully involved in your loved one’s care.  Several studies have shown the involvement of a patient’s family give better health outcomes.  Supportive actions like giving rides, doing errands, and being aware of health issues empower everyone on the team to contribute to your loved one’s well-being.

You view your care teams from the Conversations screen.

Care3 Care Teams

You can always create a new care team or belong to multiple care teams.

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Select the role you want to have within the care team.

Photo Sep 04, 5 27 28 PM

Anyone invited to a care team will receive an ‘Accept’ notification.

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Coordinating the care for your loved one is accomplished through a common messaging environment.  From a Conversation on Care3 you’ll be able to securely communicate with your care team about your loved one’s needs.  You can share the latest updates, coordinate appointments, and divvy-up errands.



Action Messages

One of Care3’s great innovations are Action Messages.  Action Messages are a way of entering a care-related action into a conversation. They consist of an action to be carried out by a Care Team member according to a given schedule and frequency. A Care Team member can volunteer to carry out one of these Action Messages for the loved one.

For example, your loved one has a doctor’s appointment next week that you can’t take them to and from.  You can create an Action Message that another care team member can accept.  That Action Message will alert the Care Team member who accepted it and confirm that it has been completed.  After the appointment, the care team member can create action messages for new follow-up items.

Action Messages appear as special messages within a Conversation.

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You can select the timing of the action and who can respond to it. You can also note if assistance is needed.

Photo Sep 04, 5 27 28 PM

When a Care Team member accepts an Action Message, it is indicated on the Action Message and calendar.

Photo Sep 04, 5 27 28 PM 

When an action item is completed, you can notify the Care Team.

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You can share Photos, Audio and Video with the rest of the care team inside a Conversation. You can record doctor’s instructions, take photos of your loved one to track any changes in appearance, or take video to document their behavior. This is a great feature for creating a ‘memory’ for your loved one’s care.

From a Conversation select which media format you want: photo, video, or audio

Care3 Add Media

Record your photo, video, or audio.

Care3 Add Media to your conversation

When ready, the media will be shown in the message box for you to send.

Care3 Add Media to your conversation

Your media will be available for your Care Team to review.

Care3 Add Media to your Care Team conversation

Emergency and Medication Lists

Your Loved One can keep an Emergency List and Medications List in their profile. This is invaluable information that can be life-saving in an emergency.

Click on your Loved One’s Profile from your Care Team.
Care3 Emergency and Medication List
Select the list you want to view from the Loved One profile.
Care3 Emergency and Medication List
The lists will be available to view by all Care Team members.

Care3 Emergency and Medication List

Only the Loved One can edit the Medication or Emergency lists.

Care3 Emergency and Medication List



All of your accepted Action Messages will appear on your calendar. From the Calendar View you can see all of your upcoming activities in a list view or calendar view.

To view your calendar, click on the Calendar Icon on the Conversations screen.

Photo Sep 04, 5 30 28 PM

The list view shows your activities in order of the most recent.

Photo Sep 04, 5 30 28 PM



Making Care3 a great experience for you is our primary motive.  If you have any comments about this app, please send us your comments.  Even the smallest items are important and we learn a lot from your feedback.