Care Plans Alone Are Not Enough

The main goal of any care plan is to give you a roadmap on how to take care of yourself or your loved ones, e.g. a discharge plan. A strong plan helps you coordinate care outside of the hospital and with the Care Team. The problem is that these plans are paper-based, often non-personalized, and riddled with clinical jargon making them difficult to comprehend and implement correctly. The unsurprising results are poor outcomes and high costs.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spends $20 billion+ annually on avoidable hospital readmissions. Furthermore, both Medicare and Medicaid have identified care coordination in the home and community as key to healthcare cost reduction. Medicare has allocated ~$20 billion annually specifically to address care coordination challenges outside of health facilities and Medicaid now spends 49.5% of its Long Term Support Services (LTSS) budget on Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), ~$50 billion.

Patients, caregivers and the healthcare industry are desperate for a care application that:

  • Is person-centric and easy for patients and their caregivers to use​
  • Leverages mobile and social technologies to keep people in their homes and out of the hospital​
  • Coordinates care and Care Plans with family and professionals on one platform
  • Scales care coordination to deliver high quality care while reducing costly readmissions​
  • Communicates using a ubiquitous and familiar behavior to maximize consumer engagement​

Care3 is the platform that can solve these major health problems simply and at scale. Care3 leverages the simple behavior of messaging to digitize, sequence and distribute care plans enabling patients, families, and their professional care teams to coordinate care and assist with activities of daily living (ADL). Download now so we can help you and your loved ones transform your Care Plans into Action.