What is Care3?
Care3™ is the world’s first Care Collaboration platform for patients, families, and their care teams to coordinate care and assist with activities of daily living (ADL). Easily message with your family members and friends and use the mobile app to request assistance and volunteer for activities to help everyone you care about live better. To learn more, please visit our website www.Care3.co.
How is Care3 different from other caregiving apps?
Care3 has a full-featured custom planning website that is integrated with a world-class HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app. In other words, unlike SMS texting, Care3 is a secure platform. Care3 also has Action Messages, our patent-pending technology for securely sharing care tasks with a team of people.
Do I need to be a member of a particular organization to participate?
Anyone can use Care3 to connect with each other and can join in on caregiving! You do not need to be a member of any organization to use Care3 and there is no cost to participate.
Where can I get the app?
Care3 is currently available in the App Store for iPhones running iOS 7 or higher and on Google Play for Android phones.


What version of iOS or Android do I need?
Care3 is optimized for iOS 7 and above. Any late model Android phone will also work with Care3.
Spoiler title
The “Loved One” is the person receiving the care. The “Primary” is the person primarily responsible for caring for the Loved One. “Family and Friends” are people who support the care activities and help out as often as possible.

Building Your Team

What is a Care Team?
A Care Team is the group of family and friends that you want to communicate with regarding care activities for the Loved One. They are the people that you want to be sure are completely “in the loop”. Not every one has to be a part of every conversation, but in general you want to be communicating with most of them.
How can I invite a friend or family member to join?
Inviting a family member or friend to join your team is easy! There are two ways to add people to your Care Team.
1. When you log in to Care3 planning website, you create your Care Team in Steps 1 and 2. If you forget someone, don’t worry, you can always add (and remove) members from your Care Team on the website or in the mobile app.
2. In the mobile app, on the Care3 home screen, tap the “Care Team” icon in the upper right corner. Here you will see all of your current Care Team Members and invitations. In the lower left, tap on the “Add Member” icon. You will then have the option to either enter in the e-mail or phone number of your newest care team member or select from your contact list. Be sure to give the Care3 App access to your contact list from the preferences settings.
For all new members, you can decide if they should have conversation history access. History access is the ability to see messages that were created before the new members joined the care team. Slide the history access toggle on or off.
How can I invite a friend or family member to join who isn't on the Care Team?
We say Care3 is not for every conversation, just the important ones. Therefore, the way to invite new people to Care3 is by starting a new Conversation.
Start a new Conversation by tapping the “chat balloon” icon in the lower right corner of the Conversations Home Screen then tapping “Add to Conversation Group.” You will then have the option to either enter in the e-mail or phone number of the person you want to invite or select from your contact list.
Once you add the person’s information and tap “done”, he/she will be sent an invitation via text or email to join Care3 and you will have started a new Conversation in the process. Make sure to welcome them to Care3!
How do I delete a family member, friend or health care professional?
We understand that sometimes members need to leave a Care Team.
On the Care3 Conversations home screen, tap the “Care Team” icon in the upper right corner. Here you will see all of your current Care Team Members and invitations. In the lower left, tap on the “Remove Member” icon. Select the member to remove with the red remove button next to the member. Note: Only a “Primary” or “Loved One” can remove a Care Team member.
Can I belong to more than one team?
Currently members can only be on one care team at a time. The ability to be in multiple care teams will be coming soon. You can, however, have multiple conversations with different groups of people. The Care Team is special and a member can only belong to one at this time.
Where can I see the pending contacts that I’ve invited?
On the Care3 Conversations home screen, tap the “Care Team” icon in the upper right corner. Here you will see all of your current Care Team Members and invitations. The names of contacts that are grayed are Team Members that have been sent invitations but have not yet responded.

Messaging – Mobile App

How do I start a new conversation?
From the Home Screen, press the “Conversation word bubble” icon in the lower right to start a new conversation. By tapping the “+” button to Add to Conversation Group, you will be able to select the Care Team for the new conversation, or any person via phone number or email address. You can also choose someone from your Contacts on your device.
Can I only message people on my Care Team?
In addition to being able to message anyone on your Care Team, you can also message people outside your Care Team. When creating a new conversation tap on the “Add to Conversation Group” icon (“+”) and enter in the intended recipients’ e-mails or phone numbers. They will receive an invitation to download Care3 if they aren’t already members.
Note: people invited through a New Conversation are NOT automatically added to your Care Team.
Can messages be deleted?
Messages cannot be deleted at this time.

Action Messages

What is an action message?
Action messages are messages that are related to a specific activity such as giving someone a ride, picking up a medication, etc. Action messages usually have a date/time when the activity should be completed and a location. The creator of the Action Message can determine which members of the care team can see the action message and anyone can volunteer to do it.
Action messages are an organizational tool to help track and remember all of the things that need to be done combined with the ease and simplicity of messaging.
How do I create an Action message?
In the mobile app, Action messages can be easily created by tapping on the word bubble with a star icon in the lower left corner of any conversation. Simply add all of the details related to the Action and tap save. The Action message will appear in the Conversation for all people to view and accept.
On the planning website, each task entered in Steps 3-7 become Action messages when you send your care plan to the mobile app. Simply add any task you want completed as part of following the 8 steps and you will see each individual task as an Action message in the newly-created Care Conversation in the mobile app.
Can action messages be edited or deleted?
Action Messages can be edited by the person that created it. Simply tap into the action message and tap on the “edit” button. Action messages that have been accepted or done can no longer be edited. Action messages cannot be deleted at this time.
How can I see the action messages that I have accepted?
From the Conversations Home Screen, tap the “Calendar” icon in the lower right corner to view all of your accepted action messages on your calendar.

Personal Information

Is my personal information secure?
Care3 has gone to great lengths to build a secure messaging platform to protect your personal information. Care3 has implemented the best practices for security including using HIPAA compliance, SSL, data encryption, OAuth validation, Amazon dedicated cloud, SMS account verifications and secure server Firewalls.
What happens to my data when If I close my account?
All personal information in your account will be deleted after 30 days of closing your account.
Does Care3 sell my information?
Care3 takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. Care3 does not sell any of your personal information.
Who can see my information
Every Care3 member has a profile. This profile is only viewable by those people with whom you have Conversations. If someone invites you to a new Conversation (e.g. a Care Team), all members of that conversation will be able to view your profile.

Care Plan Entry – Website

What is a Care Plan?
A Care Plan in Care3 includes a Care Team including a primary caregiver, a patient/loved one, and as many family caregivers as you can add!, and sequenced tasks that we call “Actions”.
When the Care Plan is sent to the Care3 mobile app, the care Actions become part of a Care Conversation. Each Conversation is just like any messaging conversation you have on your mobile phone.
How do I create a care plan?
Creating a Care plan is the first step to successfully manage the care of your patients by your provider teams. After completion of the care plan all the members of the care team will receive receive all the information in the plan via action messages on the mobile app. Members of the care team will also receive invitations to join the care team or download/ register for Care3 if they haven’t already done so.
To create a new care plan you can either click on the New Care Plan symbol, or hover with your mouse over the left sidebar and click on New Care Plan.
Then just follow the 8 Steps to Success to complete your plan.
How do I change a care plan?
You can edit the actions in a care plan by simply changing any of the fields including duration, date, time, or notes. When you click “send” on Step 8, your completed plan will be sent to the mobile app for care-sharing among the Care Team.
If the care plan has already been sent to the mobile app, an unaccepted action will be updated with the new information. An accepted action will be automatically deleted from the Care Team member’s My Actions list and a new Action generated and sent to the Care Conversation.
How many Care Plans can I create?
With your paid subscription, you can create an unlimited amount of care plans in Care3.
What are templates?
Templates are saved care plans that you can re-use as needed. Templates remove the information from Steps 1 and 2 from the previous care plan so you can add new members.
To get to the templates page you have to hover with your cursor over the left side bar menu. Click on and then on the sub-menu. You will also reach this menu by saving an existing care plan as a template.
You can save any care plan as a template by clicking on the Save as Template box on Step 2 or after Step 8 when you send your care plan to the mobile app.
How does the Care3 planning website work with the Care3 mobile app?
Care3 Care Planner perfectly interacts with the mobile app on your device.
After you have successfully completed a care plan by following all the steps, you will get an email with an invitation to download the FREE Care3 App. Members of your care team that have already signed up for Care3 will receive an invitation to join the care team within the app. If they haven’t joined Care3, they will also receive an invite email to download the mobile app.
How are care plans distributed?
Care plans are distributed as individual tasks that we call “Actions” in the mobile. Each action added into the Care Plan has an individual Action Message.
The first time you send a Care Plan, the Care Team sees a new Care Conversation and Action Messages in a sequenced form. This means that the first Action Messages will be for the first and second instance of each Action. Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double. The idea is to not only know what’s happening first, but always know what comes next.


How do I close my account?
If you decide that Care3 isn’t right for you, please contact us at support@care3.co/blog and we will close your account.
How can I give feedback or report a bug.
We always welcome feedback from our users. Please send us a note at feedback@care3.co/blog
How do I reset my password?
From the app login screen, tap the “forget password” prompt in the lower left. Enter in the e-mail address that you used to sign up and we will send your verification code.
Do I need to have a smartphone?
Care3 will work on all of your iOS devices as long as you have an SMS device to create an account with. With an iPhone it is easy — just install Care3 and verify your account with your iPhone. For an iOS device without a data plan (e.g., iPad or iPod touch) you need to verify your account either using an SMS service (e.g., WhatsApp, Viber, Google Voice). After your account is verified, you can send and receive messages through Care3.
Can I change the email address that I'm registered with?
The email address you registered to use for Care3 is your log-in name. At this time, it cannot be changed.
How much does Care3 cost?
The Care3 care messaging app is free. Creating a Care Plan on the website is also free. You pay a subscription of $9.99/month if you want your Care Plan distributed to the mobile app for your Care Team to share Actions.
How many messages can I send?
You can send unlimited messages.
How many people can I invite to message?
You can invite as many people as you wish.