Senior Care in the Home: How Care3 Brings Families and Care Professionals Together

Welcome back to our eldercare email series. In this installment we talk about one of the major issues facing senior care practitioners today, the lack of insight into what’s happening at the patient’s home. When seniors are in the doctor office or a senior care day center, providers know exactly what’s happening. But when they leave, it’s a mystery what happens in the home. Wouldn’t it be great if seniors, family and providers could collaborate and communicate what happens in those times when seniors are outside of health facilities?

Here’s what we’re hearing from providers.

“We have no idea what happens when the patient leaves the senior center.” Senior Care Program RN


“Half of our seniors don’t even come into the center. We need them to come in.” Senior Care Clinical Supervisor

Today senior care providers try to show families what should happen at home by sending paper instructions home with the senior and family caregiver. For example, some senior care programs send home a paper calendar, which shows what care tasks should be completed when seniors are home. Paper-based solutions depend on visual availability in the home, as well as the memory of the senior or the family caregiver in the time of need. Further, these solutions offer no feedback for the professional care team, there’s no way to know if care tasks are being done.

At Care3, we see the lack of insight into care being delivered in the home as a clinical and financial risk to senior care programs nationwide. We believe it is just as important to capture and use information on care delivered in the home as much as it is for the care delivered in senior care centers. Care3 tracks all of the care that’s delivered in the home by engaging family members around an individual care plan, which we call an Action Plan. Each action is itemized for the caregiver to complete in the home and then is tracked to ensure that those care tasks are completed. If those care tasks are not completed, Care3 notifies the professional care team so that they can make a decision whether to intervene. This is what makes Care3 different from every other care planning and communication solution available to senior care programs and families today.

Donate to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The images from Hurricane Harvey are frightening for all of Southeastern Texas. With Houston receiving the equivalent of 3-4 feet of rain, families have needed rescue and communications have been difficult. In this time of need, we at Care3 are committed to helping our users and others in the affected areas.

Care3 is proud to donate to the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Please follow this link to do the same. We are all in this together.

Community. Care. Collaboration. That’s what Care3 members and family are all about. Let’s show the good people of Texas that we care.

Yes, you CAN get your family to help with caregiving. Here’s how.

We know caring for others is hard–and sometimes you just need some help. The Care3 Way is based on families working together to care for loved ones–but we know that’s sometimes, um, difficult. Whether it’s lack of time, interest, personality clashes, or not knowing how to help, Care3 aims to engage those family members to get you the help you need by giving them convenient ways to help.

Every task you can take off your plate gives you more time. How you use that time, we can’t help with, but we know you’ll figure it out.Care3 has a three-step process to get you prepare your family to collaborate on care and communicate progress with a text or a tap. It’s called our Starter Care Plan.

How to Activate Your Starter Care Plan

Step 1: Invite Your Care Team of trusted Family & Friends

Tap the Care Teams icon in the upper right corner of the home “Conversations” screen and then tap the Add Care Team button (shown on left) to Create a Care Team. Choose your Role (“Primary” is recommended) and tap “next” to go to the Invite screen. Add Care Team members by tapping “+” and entering emails, phone numbers, or device Contacts.
Tap “save” to send the invitations. The app then takes you to Starter Care Plan.
Step 2: Activate Your Starter Care Plan of Common Care Tasks

Tap “get started” in the Starter Care Plan dialog box (appears right after you invite your Care Team). Review the tasks in your Daily and Weekly Activities lists. To add more activities, tap “add” in either Daily or Weekly sections and fill out the form. This is where you can add any items that are easy and convenient for others to do. Don’t make excuses. Just add them. To remove activities, simply tap the check box to de-select.
Preparation complete. You’re ready!
Tap the “start plan” button to activate. Each of your tasks, called Actions, appear in your new care Conversation. Now you or any Care Team member can tap “accept” on any Action to let everyone know that they will complete it. Watch them accept the tasks that are easy for them to do. That’s the point! Make sure you send a “Welcome” text to the Care Team!
Step 3: View and Complete Actions in My Actions Calendar

Now you can care for your loved one as a team. All accepted Actions are added to My Action Calendar. Tap the calendar icon on the home “Conversations” screen to view your Actions to-do list by date. When you complete an Action, tap the Action in the list and tap the “done” button at the bottom of the screen. This is VERY important because it notifies the Care Team that it was complete. Everyone wants to know!
This is how you get the most out of Care3. Thank you for choosing Care3 to help you care for your loved ones. Questions or comments? Contact us anytime at

The Family That Cares Together…

It’s no secret that we at Care3 advocate for families to care as a team. It’s the first of the 3 Simple Steps to Successful Caregiving. If you want other perspectives, check out this article from Our Parents.



There are many benefits to sharing care tasks among family members. Oftentimes the family members don’t know what to do or how to help. Care3 makes that part easy with our Starter Care Plan. We’re with you and your family as you care for loved ones.

Take care!

Care3 Featured on AMC Channel’s Newswatch Show

If you’re one of the 95 million people who watch AMC, you may have seen Care3 today. Newswatch featured Care3 on its Appwatch segment to share how people can care for their families and keep everyone on the same page. Check out the video!


Care3 – Staying on the Same Page of Health History | NewsWatch Review from NewsWatch Television on Vimeo. Download Care3 now! Your loved ones deserve the best care you and your family can give.

The Security of Your Data on Care3

Dear Care3 Members,

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack received global attention because of its widespread impact on multiple countries and industry data. What wasn’t reported was that the healthcare industry was a prime target of the attack..

Care3 takes the security of your health conversations and data very seriously. Care3 was unaffected by the attack and have had zero hacking incidents in the history of our company.

The danger posed by hackers to global healthcare information systems is at a critical point. According to a recent article in Fortune titled, Why Health Care Is Especially Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks, here’s why:

Outdated medical systems are woefully unprepared to deal with a new class of criminals willing to hold patients’ medical data, credit card numbers, and other personal information hostage barring a big payout. In fact, the FBI has issued several stark warnings about the unique and growing threat ransomware presents to health care companies specifically in the past few months.

And consider this from the same article:

There are some obvious reasons that make the medical sector such an enticing target for criminals. For one, health information is simultaneously intensely personal, accompanied by crucial financial information, and universal—after all, health care consumerism isn’t so much a choice as it is an ontological necessity of being a human.

This emerging security threat is one of the main reasons we built Care3 with such high levels of security—AND why we want you to have the ability to control your own health data and that of your loved ones you care for. Healthcare Tech Outlook has recognized us a Most Promising Healthcare App because we give you and your family the power to control your own data in interactions with health professionals.

Electronic health records are controlled by health providers and your access is limited. With Care3, you control access to all of the data shared in your conversations, including medications, images, video, audio, appointment dates, care tasks, and any text conversations around the care that you have with your family and close friends. This is all vital information for the health of your loved ones and should be directly under your control. Care3 gives you that control.

We urge you to continue using Care3 for your most important health conversations and for sharing healthcare data between family members and any health professionals you’re working with. Care3 keeps your health information under your control and protected from the rising threat to healthcare industry systems.

It’s our pledge to help you care for your loved ones and that includes protecting your personal health information.

Take care,
David S. Williams III
Co-Founder & CEO
Care3, Inc.

You want to use Care3, but you don’t have a team of family or friends around you that can help? First, we want you to think very hard about that. Do you really not have anyone who would help you in a time of need? If so, add those people to your Care Team.

If not, Care3 still has you covered. You can use our Starter Care Plan feature for organizing care tasks by setting yourself up as a Care Team of one. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Care Team icon in the upper right corner of the home screen to create your Care Team
  2. Choose your role (we recommend Loved One so you can add medications and emergency/insurance information into the profile).

    Care Team roles

  3. In the Primary field of the Add to Care Team screen, tap and choose By Phone or Email Address. Type the same email address that you used to sign up for Care3. This tells the system that you’re assuming both the Loved One AND Primary role.
  4. Tap “save” and you will see that your Care Team is created with only you. The Starter Care Plan dialog pops up and you can then “get started” creating your care task to-do list.

Once you’ve completed setting up the Starter Care Plan, simply tap the “start plan” button and the new conversation will appear.

You will see the Action Messages applicable for that day and the next day. You can accept those Actions and they will appear as your to-do list when you tap the Calendar icon from the home Conversations screen. You’re all set to care for your loved one as a Care Team of One.

Even if you are the only one caring for your loved one, Care3 is with you, so you’re never alone.

Getting Care Instructions Like This Is Unacceptable

Hospitals MUST get better. Paper? A cross-out? Really?? #sendanaction #mhealth #TheCare3Way 

Dear Care3 Family,

As you may have heard, Congress rolled back the FCC’s internet privacy rules this past week. If the President signs this bill into law as expected, it would allow internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cox and others to sell your personal online and mobile web browsing data and information on your mobile app usage.

At Care3, we want you to understand that we take privacy very seriously.

  1. No third party can view your activity on Care3. Neither the government nor any ISP has access to your personal health information and that of your loved ones on Care3. When you use the Care3 app to send text and media messages back and forth with family and friends, each text is encrypted so no one can intercept the messages, pictures, or audio files as they pass from your phone to our servers. This extra layer of security causes our app to be a bit slower than what you might experience with iMessage or SMS texting (as they are not encrypted). But we think the added security is worth an extra second or two.
  2. Care3 meets all government privacy and security standards for PHI storage. All data and media files are encrypted in our dedicated cloud storage facilities. Cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, and others do not meet government privacy standards for storage of personal health information. Most people don’t know that. We want you to be confident that all of your health communications are safe and secure with Care3.

Note: Many popular messaging apps are NOT safe for healthcare conversations. The  apps above do not encrypt text messages traveling between your phone and their servers to the government’s standard for health information, the highest level. They also neither encrypt nor retain your data as required by law for health information storage. With this lighter security, hackers have an easier time if they want to intercept your information.

Many of you have indicated that you will increase your usage of Care3 even for non-health related conversations because of the high level of security that Care3 offers. We encourage this as our executive team has also increased our usage of Care3 for non-health related conversations as of late.

We appreciate your continued use of Care3. We have just passed 2,000 families using Care3! Have confidence that your information and activity are safe and secure regardless of what privacy access Congress gives to ISPs.

If you have any questions about the privacy and security of your texts or other information shared on Care3, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Like we always say, we’re there for you because you’re there for others.

Take care,
David S. Williams
Co-Founder & CEO
Care3, Inc.

As you know, Care3 is now LIVE for you to Sign up.

But, how does Care3 save you time AND save you money?

The better question is how can Care3 save you $9.99/month or more? Well, the 3 Simple Steps To Successful Caregiving again show us the way.

Step 1: Have A Team

Care3 makes it easy for you to have a team around you—and they can help you save money and time if they know what you need.

  • Someone can pick up a prescription for you and pay the co-pay, saving you time and money.
  • A team member can buy something your loved one needs for you, saving you time and money.
  • You don’t have to drive or pay for transportation because a family member takes your loved one, saving you time and money.
  • You don’t have to miss work at the last minute because a family member or friend can take care of your loved one, saving you money and a LOT of time.

Step 2: Make A Plan

Care3 makes it easy to plan your caregiving, which can save you money because:

  • You can buy items when they’re on sale rather than full price because you know you need them ahead of time, saving you money.
  • You can consolidate your shopping list to include your loved one, saving you trips to the grocery store, saving you time and money.
  • You can avoid buying items at the last minute at higher priced locations like convenience stores, saving you money.
  • You know when your upcoming appointments are so you don’t have to miss work, making you money and saving you time.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Step 3: Communicate For Action

Communicating helps you in every aspect of caregiving and can save you money because:

  • You can ask the entire care team to buy something at the last minute, saving you money.
  • Care3 doesn’t use any of your monthly texting totals, so you can use Care3 texting instead of phone minutes or data with the Care3 mobile app, saving you money.

These are only a handful of ways Care3 helps you save MUCH more than $9.99 each month.  There are so many more!

But here’s the kicker:

If you count how much you spend each month on caregiving items and activities, the number is probably between $500 and $5,000 a month.

Isn’t it worth $9.99 to make sure you’re getting the MOST out of the money you’re spending?

That’s what Care3 can do for you.

It’s time for you to Sign up for Care3.