Care3 Launches New In-app Tutorials!

The Care3 mobile app has been live for a little over two years. With thousands of people like you providing feedback, we’ve learned a few things. The first lesson we learned, however, is that we were not as… Read More

Care3 Proudly Supports the #FoundersForChange Movement!

Today, the #FoundersForChange movement begins! Care3 is one of 400+ companies promoting #FoundersForChange which seeks to move the tech industry to value diversity and inclusion. #FoundersForChange collectively warns the investment community, “if you don’t value diversity and inclusion, we don’t want your money.” Check… Read More

New Onboarding Screens Set the Stage for the Care3 App

Introducing our new onboarding screens! The onboarding screens appear right after you register in the app. They serve as a brief walkthrough of key app features just to give you a sense of what to expect and what… Read More

Aging 2.0 Presents Its 8 Grand Challenges in Aging and Care3 Impacts Half of Them

Care3 attended the Aging Into The Future conference in Los Angeles on Friday, March 2. The Aging 2.0 LA team did an amazing job with great programming. Aging 2.0 focuses its efforts on the eight pillars, which they… Read More