Family Caregiver Alliance Issues Alert About Senate Healthcare Bill Impact

In case you missed it, the Family Caregiver Alliance, a leading advocacy group for family caregivers, has issued an Action Alert regarding the new Senate “healthcare” bill, inappropriately titled, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. From the FCA Alert: Depending on… Read More

Happy Father’s Day ASDads!

Happy Father’s Day ASDads! Hope you’re enjoying the day and loving your kids while on the autism spectrum, but getting some time for you. Definitely want to give you a shout to tell you how much you’re appreciated… Read More

The Family That Cares Together…

It’s no secret that we at Care3 advocate for families to care as a team. It’s the first of the 3 Simple Steps to Successful Caregiving. If you want other perspectives, check out this article from Our Parents…. Read More

Care3 Featured on AMC Channel’s Newswatch Show

If you’re one of the 95 million people who watch AMC, you may have seen Care3 today. Newswatch featured Care3 on its Appwatch segment to share how people can care for their families and keep everyone on the… Read More

When You Have Your Kid(s) For The Weekend

You’re Dad. You have two kids on the spectrum by yourself for an entire weekend. What could go wrong? See how I handled that situation–and there was some good, some bad, and definitely some ugly. Subscribe: iTunes |… Read More