ASDad Episode 4: Mom In Control

ASDads, This episode is surely to get you thinking about your relationship with your wife or partner when it comes to treatment of your child on the autism spectrum. Listen in to see how I’ve dealt with the… Read More

The Security of Your Data on Care3

Dear Care3 Members, The recent WannaCry ransomware attack received global attention because of its widespread impact on multiple countries and industry data. What wasn’t reported was that the healthcare industry was a prime target of the attack.. Care3… Read More

ASDad Episode 3: We Needed The Win – Part 2

Hey ASDads. This episode is all about recovering from the incident from Part 1. It was brutal. Sharing how we overcome our challenges has to be a core part of this podcast so I pledge to always share… Read More

ASDad Episode 3: We Needed The Win – Part 1

Welcome to the ASDad Podcast! In this episode, I discuss what incident occurred that drove the inception of this podcast. It was one of the worst days I’ve had as an ASDad. In short, my wife and I… Read More

ASDad Episode 2: How Autism Inspired the Founding of Care3

Care3 was founded in part based on my experience with my son, David S. Williams IV. Learn how this experience has led to an award-winning healthcare communications platform that we will use for our private community. If you… Read More

Welcome to the ASDad Podcast!

Subscribe to the ASDad podcast on iTunes to hear stories of how children on the autism spectrum challenge us Dads, but also inspire us to be better men. It’s not easy. The ASDad podcast is REAL. That’s all… Read More