Events From This Weekend #caregivers #travelban

Care3 Family, This weekend has seen unprecedented activity with the US Government ban on immigrants from seven countries. Some of these detainees were doctors who practice at leading healthcare institutions that serve our loved ones, including a hospital… Read More

Use a Messaging App Safe for Healthcare Conversations

Don’t accidentally give away your loved one’s right to data privacy by using unsafe messaging apps. #caregiving #family. Learn more:

5 Reasons You MUST Use Messaging Apps Secure for Healthcare Conversations

By David Williams, Co-Founder & CEO, Care3. I admit it. As a caregiver for my mother for ten years, I didn’t worry about the security and privacy of her health information. In fact, I’ve spoken to hundreds of… Read More

Time for Some Action

You are not alone. Time for some ACTION. #takeaction #100daysofdiversity #caresharing

Care3 Supports Women’s Marches Around the Globe

Care3 supports all of the women’s marches around the globe! Esp. in LA. #womensmarch

To Care Is Human.

Caring is the highest form of human interaction. Let others help you care for your loved ones. #caresharing

Want to Be a Better Caregiver? Follow These 3 Steps…

By David Williams, Co-Founder & CEO, Care3. In this post, I am going to show you how you can take the best care of your loved one, get them to their best health outcome possible, and keep you… Read More

Care3 Launches New Android Version of Its Flagship Family Caregiving App

(Los Angeles, CA) – January 15, 2017 – Care3™, a leading  developer of mobile health technology, is proud to announce the launch of the new Android version of its flagship family caregiving app. Care3 built the Android app to be… Read More

The Importance of the “Done” Button

Successful caregiving depends on having the goals set and the tasks (medications, ADLs, etc.) laid in a routine that you can follow every single day. The faster you get into that routine, that groove, the better your caregiving… Read More

The Time Is Now to Invest in Digital Health for Underserved Groups

By David S. Williams, CEO, Care3. First published on Guest Voices by The Longevity Network 12/14/2016. In the course of raising funds for three different companies, I have talked to many investors: VCs, angels, private equity, all types. When… Read More