Care3 CEO David Williams Honored as Entrepreneur of the Week by The Longevity Network

The Longevity Network ( has recognized Care3 co-Founder and CEO, David Williams as Entrepreneur of the Week. The Longevity Network was created to give Investors and Entrepreneurs the resources needed to create breakthrough products, experiences, and business models for health technologies benefitting the 50+ audience. The Longevity Network published an interview with David where he shared his […]

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The Top 5 Non-negotiable Features for Strong Caregiving Apps

After reviewing the major caregiving apps for consumers on the market, it became very clear that none meet the criteria needed to manage care outside of the hospital. Here are the five (5) non-negotiable features needed for caregiving apps (and check out this 100 second video for a clear review of these criteria). Mobile Caregiving […]

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Care3 for Care Managers

Calling All Care Managers! Did you know there are 65 million family caregivers in the US? These people lovingly support your clients in their quest to remain healthy. In fact, 69% of family caregivers are open to using mobile applications to help them take care of loved ones. What if a technology platform could improve communication […]

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Care as a Team

Take Care Of Your Family With Care3

Caregiving just got easier with Care3, the only FREE secure messaging + task reminders app made for family caregivers. Use Care3 to manage care tasks and communicate with family, friends, and care professionals (HIPAA-compliant).

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Secure Messaging for Caregivers

Care3 is the only FREE secure messaging + calendar + reminders app made for caregivers. Switch to Care3 for your healthcare conversations with family, friends, and care professionals.


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Turn Your Care Plans Into Action

Doctors are required to provide care managers, patients, and family caregivers with information (e.g., care instructions) to help them reach their optimal level of health following an appointment or inpatient stay at a hospital. However, these instructions are often discussed when patients and family are not receptive to listening or able to comprehend detailed information on how to provide […]

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HIPAA Compliance is No Longer Optional for Mobile Messaging

In today’s consumer-driven healthcare environment, it’s imperative for providers, patients, and families be able to communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Having a patient portal isn’t enough. The engagement levels are too low. You need a HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging solution for your communications between staff and with clients and their families. Care3 is the first and […]

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