#Care3How2 – Call Everyone in to Action

Welcome back to our series #Care3How2! We’re examining how you can use Action Messages in seven different real-world situations to ask for help, get support or share information. Today we’re delving into the the situation when you need… Read More

#Care3How2 – Remote Family Caregivers Power “C-Commerce”

Yes, #Care3How2 has done it. We’ve coined a new term for remote caregivers purchasing items for loved ones. We call it “Care Commerce” or “C-Commerce” for short. One of the challenges of caregiving is providing assistance from afar…. Read More

#Care3How2 – Answers to Questions in Seconds is Infectious

In this #Care3How2 installment, find out how one Action can lead to another and another. You could say it’s the “infectious” nature of caring. Beyond making it easy to get help with specific tasks and errands, Care3 can… Read More

#Care3How2 – Can’t Make the Pharmacy Run? What Now?

We’re spotlighting the different ways you can use Care3 to request help from your care team – from rides to social visits. Today we’re focusing on one of the most common errands for caregivers. How many times have… Read More

Take Action – 3 Amazingly Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Every Doctor Appointment

Primary caregivers are typically the calendar keeper.  That means keeping track of all manner of medical appointments, such as checkups, dental visits, annual mole checks, physical therapy sessions and more.  Get organized – and keep your Care Team… Read More

#Care3How2 – Party Time! Get Friends to Visit Your Loved One in an Instant

Care3 helps you organize your caregiving activities and share them with family and friends who want to help. In recent posts, we’ve discussed how you can use Care3 to coordinate a ride in just one tap using our… Read More

#Care3How2 – Requesting a Ride is Easy

Welcome to our series called #Care3How2! In this series we show you how to do some of the most common care activities on Care3 and why our care-sharing app is far more efficient than email or other mobile apps.

Caregiving – Love in Action

Caregiving is not a burden. We believe that caring for someone you love is a love in action. The stress most people associate with caring for a parent advancing in age or a special needs child comes from… Read More

The New Normal: Caregivers as Leaders

When a loved one is suddenly struck ill or has a catastrophic event, it changes the world–and without our permission. We are stunned into paralysis—shocked into disbelief—and even shamed into silence. Becoming a caregiver thrusts you into a… Read More