Caring For and About Others

You’ve said it more times than you can count in your life, “I don’t care.” Far fewer times have you said the opposite “I do care.” Immediately the idea of caring becomes rare—special—reserved for the few. But what… Read More

Care3 Helps You Care Anywhere

Caring for aging parents and people with disabilities can leave family and friends stressed, overwhelmed and burned out. Furthermore, as patient care shifts from facilities to the home and community, coordinating all of the care providers is becoming… Read More

Care Plans Alone Are Not Enough

The main goal of any care plan is to give you a roadmap on how to take care of yourself or your loved ones, e.g. a discharge plan. A strong plan helps you coordinate care outside of the… Read More

Care3 | Care-Sharing™

Care3 helps family and professional
caregivers care as a team.